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Lana Sumati, Professional Coach and founder of Think Action Coaching, works with overwhelmed, professional women who are tired are feeling stuck and are ready to do something about today. Women who are frustrated with the recurring patterns that keep holding them back, learn how to overcome the challenges and barriers to great accomplishments. Lana was a successful corporate business analyst until she discovered her passion was to help women in small businesses to be successful. She has spent the past 10 years devoting her life to following her passion and helping business women find the tools to be more successful in their professional lives.
  Lana was born in San Francisco, raised in Santa Rosa, and lived in Berkeley, Hawaii, Sacramento, and now Santa Cruz. After being a corporate analyst for many years, she felt she wanted more in her life. There was a whole world that she didn't know anything about. Upon much soul-searching, she submitted her resignation and decided to get a one-way ticket to Bali where began her solo one-year spiritual journey throughout South-East Asia. And Lana's life has been full of growth, exploration, discovery, and joy ever since.
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